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Microsoft Trained Tunisian Regime, US Diplomats Concerned

A new revelation by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks has dragged the Windows maker Microsoft Corp. in the midst of a fresh controversy.

According to a leaked cable sent from the US Embassy in Tunisia, and published by WikiLeaks, the Redmond, Washington based software powerhouse was providing training to the government officials of the African nation’s repressive regime some six years back.

The leaked cable in question, sent from the US embassy, Tunis in 2006, shed light in to the fact how the Windows maker had sold somewhere around 12,000 licenses for its software products to the repressive regime in the country.

And not just that, the company also provided training to the officials of Tunisia’s Ministries of Justice and Interior on their supposed mission of learning the usage of computers and web technology in fighting crime.

“Through a program on cyber criminality, Microsoft will train government officials in the Ministries of Justice and Interior on how to use computer and the Internet to fight crime. As part of this program, Microsoft will provide the GOT with original source codes for its programs,” the cable read.

There are also reports of Salwa Smaoui, Microsoft Tunisia’s director general calling the deal a “Win Win” for both the company, and the government of Tunisia.