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OCZ Unveils 1.1TB PCI-e HDD/SDD Hybrid Drive

Storage specialist OCZ has launched a new drive called the RevoDrive Hybrid which is essentially a PCI express card that contains a hard disk drive and a solid state drive.

Because it bypasses the SATA subsystem completely, the drive can reach speeds of up to 910 MB/s and up to 120K IOPS (on 4K random write) - which is fairly impressive.

Interestingly the drive brings together a 100GB SDD and a 2.5mm 1TB HDD spinning at 5400RPM and uses a SandForce SF-2281 controller to keep the data humming.

As expected, there's some proprietary technology under the hood including OCZ's Virtualized Controller Architecture and its Dataplex software.

The company stated in a press release that "Advanced caching algorithms learn user behavior and adapt storage policies to ensure optimal performance for each individual user, maximizing productivity for the most demanded programs and applications".

The drive which has yet to be released in the UK will come with a three year warranty and will cost around $500. OCZ hasn't confirmed whether users will be able to boot from the drive, whether it will sell the card without any storage, if users will be able to plug in a bigger & faster hard drive and whether you can actually get a RAID-0 configuration.