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Sony Introduces Glasses-Free 3-D Laptop Panel at Recent IFA Trade Show

Sony has developed a new notebook panel capable of allowing users to view 3D images without wearing special glasses.

The VGP-FL3D15A glasses-free 3-D panel, which was unveiled by Sony at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, will be available as an accessory for Vaio S series personal notebook devices.

The panel will be able to attach to the laptop’s LCD display and be able to display 3D images using sophisticated face tracking technology that relies on the webcam to track the users’ head to continue displaying clear 3D images.

The accessory will fit 15.5 inch laptop LCD display screens and is around 3.5 mm thick. It has been designed using the lenticular method.

The Vaio S series personal notebook will be launched in European markers next month for around $1,000 and the glasses-free 3D panel for $183. The panel is available for higher end Vaio laptops only at the moment.

During the IFA trade show, Sony also announced a major push into the global 3D products market. The company introduced the Sony Vaio L Series all-in-one 3-D touchscreen multi-media PC, a networked media player with 3D support and a new 3D projector.