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Team Touchdroid Taking Steps to Integrate Android OS with HP TouchPad

Team Touchdroid, a group of developers dedicated to bringing Android to the webOS powered HP TouchPad tablet, has managed to make some progress.

According to an article on Endgadget, the team has released a demo video that shows the tablet command-line dual-booting with Android 2.3.5. The touch screen still does not work with the new dual boot Android, just like the CM7 boot.

Developer interest in the tablet has risen it started selling like hot cakes after HP decided to drop the tablet device from the market. The TouchPad is selling for as low as $99, prompting massive sales across North America. Deals like this do not come along often, so people interested in owning the TouchPad should take advantage of the low prices.

Recently, HP revealed that it plans to shut down the hardware division of webOS and move it to the PSG division while the software version of the mobile operating system will join the Strategy and Technology division at HP.

Meanwhile, two TouchPad tablets running on Android 2.2 had appeared on eBay, one selling for as high as $2,150.