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UK Gov Struggling with Open Source, Spending Heavily on Proprietary Software

Despite its promise to embrace open source software for cutting down IT expenditures, the UK government has been consistently paying a hefty amount on proprietary technologies, a new report claims.

The matter was brought in to daylight by BBC after it had filed a Freedom of Information request as a part of its investigation to highlight the government's policies regarding software procurement.

The BBC report states that despite making bold claims about embracing open source software products, the government continues to rely heavily on the bigger firms and their proprietary products.

The BBC team investigating the matter also talked to Stuart Mackintosh, who happens to be a member of the cabinet office committee as an adviser on the benefits related to open source software.

"There is a stigma around open source software but there shouldn't be. The reality is it's just software - some of it good, some of it bad. The key is to evaluate the technology before signing up”, Mackintosh spoke his mind on the issue.

He also revealed that for small open source providers, it seems that working with Whitehall is a daunting task as of now.