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Virgin launches new pay as you go plan

Entertainment media giant Virgin Media has introduced the new prepay Addict Extra Tariff for their cable customers, which delivers more texts, minutes and mobile web access for just £10 a month.

The Addict Extra tariff rewards Virgin Media users who currently have a home phone, TV, broadband or mobile service, by enabling them to benefit from exclusive additional monthly mobile allowances.

Customers on this tariff will get access to unlimited texts and an extra 100 minutes in addition to their £10 airtime, where those who top-up by £15 can also get a further 1GB mobile internet.

Up to two people within each Virgin Media family can get hold of this deal by simply texting their Virgin Media home phone or account number, to 789100.

The new tariff will be activated within 48 hours and rewards will be available from the 1st of each month meaning that customers can chat, text and surf the web to their hearts content as soon as they top up each month.

Virgin Media customers will also continue to get even more cost savings with free calls from Virgin Media home phones to Virgin Mobile phones 24/73 and five free call back texts.

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