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WebOS Team Splitting as HP Preps PC Division Spin-off

Hewlett-Packard has decided to split its WebOS Global Business Unit into two separate divisions, an internal HP memo has revealed.

According to Pre Central, the hardware division of the unit will remain under the Personal Systems Group and will report to Stephen DeWitt.

Meanwhile, the software division of the webOS unit will be placed under HP’s Office of Strategy and Technology and will report directly to executive vice president Shane Robinson.

The move comes as HP decided to set the sun on webOS’s hardware division, which included the Pre smartphone and the TouchPad tablet PC device. The decision to spilt the business group is aimed at separating the webOS software from the Personal Computing Group, which is going to be spun off.

“Reorganizing the webOS software teams under OS&T allows us to fully investigate how we can utilise the webOS software platform. The pan-HP charter of OS&T provides a broad view of how we can optimize our technologies,” wrote Todd Bradley, the executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group, in a letter to webOS GBU employees.

“In fact, it has proven to be a successful incubator of technologies; it is home to a team of senior technology experts devoted exclusively to exploring longer-term strategies for our technologies,” he continued.