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AMD Announces Shipment of New "Bulldozer" Processors

AMD announced on Wednesday revenue shipments of the first processor belonging to the new X86 family line - the “Bulldozer” architecture.

The first round of production of the world’s first ever 16 core x86 processor, known as “Interlagos,” was launched in mid-August.

The product is compatible with the company’s existing AMD Opteron 6100 Series platforms, and is likely to be launched and available in all partner systems sometime during the fourth quarter of the year.

The company also stated that initial shipments of the product have been primarily to large supercomputer installations currently under development.

"This is a monumental moment for the industry as this first 'Bulldozer' core represents the beginning of unprecedented performance scaling for x86 CPUs," said Senior Vic President and general manager, ADM Products Group, Rick Bergman in a statement - with a hint of pride being obvious in his tone.

"The flexible new 'Bulldozer' architecture will give Web and data center customers the scalability they need to handle emerging cloud and virtualisation workloads," he added.