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Apple Opts For Taiwanese Suppliers For iPhone 5 Camera Lens

Following all the attention on the recent resignation of Steve Jobs and the current worries about the future of the company, Apple is looking to switch the focus to the iPhone 5, rumoured to hit the markets in October.

The new iPhone should be equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, with lenses reportedly being provided by two Taiwanese companies Largan Precision (who recently opened its fourth plant in Taiwan) and Genius Electronic Optical (which ensures the VGA lenses for Apple's iPhones and iPads).

It seems that there is good news on both sides, as Apple had success during their previous collaboration for iPhone 4, while the two companies have seen rapid growth with Taiwanese firms now accounting for 40 per cent of the global market.

It appears that Taiwan is gaining a foothold in the optical lens industry which was previously dominated by Japan. Largan and Genius have especially benefited from the exploding popularity of portable computing devices (PCDs), in particular from their successful collaboration with for Apple for the iPhone and iPad. Largan CEO Lin En-ping suggested this partnership has helped targeting not only smartphones and tablet PC clients, but also smart TV, medical instrument and TV game console customers.

This fruitful combination has also inspired other Taiwanese lens makers, such as Newmax Technology Co, which recently signed contracts with Motorola and for Kinect, amongst others.

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