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CIOs Fuzzy About Data Management Application Portfolios Claims Study

A majority of the CIOs in the UK don’t have any knowledge about the applications that exist within their company’s portfolio and how they are aligned with the business processes that are in place, it has been revealed.

According to a study conducted by global IT services provider Fujitsu, more than half of the CIOs questioned revealed that more than half of the CIOs had no idea about the applications and how they were aligned to their business.

The company said that 53 percent of the CIOs claimed that they were not able to get funding for starting new application development projects. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of CIOs claimed that their company’s application portfolio was only partially aligned with their business activity or not at all.

“The lack of understanding of how much an application portfolio is costing means that companies have no way of telling how much is being wasted. How many companies can afford to be running applications that are not delivering maximum value?” said Andrew Brabban, chief technology officer, applications, at Fujitsu.

“Any hopes of applications becoming a strategic enabler for the business certainly seem a long way off for the majority of companies,” he added.

Fujitsu said that only 39 percent of the CIOs claimed to have the right strategy for managing applications according to their business needs.