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Hulu Bidders Line-up: Amazon, Yahoo, Dish Network & May be Google

Video streaming services provider Hulu has received acquisition bids from Amazon, Yahoo and the Dish Network as pundits continue to speculate Google’s absence from the bid.

The three companies, each vying to grab a chunk of the massive video streaming business, is expected to dish out anywhere between $1.5 billion to $2 billion for Hulu’s free video streaming service, subscription service and access to content for the next two years.

According to an All Things D Google has also made a bid for the company but it is bigger and more expansive than what the others have offered.

The contents of Google’s bid remain unknown but speculators claim that Google is demanding access to content for a duration longer than two years in exchange for a couple of billions more on top of what it is being offered by the others.

Google, which owns YouTube, is trying to make it big in the streaming market by offering more original content and popular content, not only to fuel the growth of YouTube but also realise its Google TV plans.

Google is most likely to have its way in the acquisition but another big player, Amazon, which has much to gain from the deal, can’t be ruled out.