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iPhone 5 To Secure Apple's Leading Position In Smartphone Market

According to the latest research, Apple is predicted to secure the top position in smartphone shipments for 2011 with 86.4 million units. What about giants like Nokia and Samsung?

It looks like Nokia might drop to number two worldwide (74.4 million), based on the Digitimes research (opens in new tab), even though in 2010 the Finnish company managed to ship about 100 million smartphones. Due to the prodigious growth of the smartphone market, shipments for this year are expected to reach 420 million units; that would be an increase of 60 per cent from 2010. If we look at Apple alone, business for the company has been boosted by 82%.

The Korean company Samsung comes in at number 3, with expected shipments of 62 million units - a 44 per cent increase from the previous year. Its fierce legal battle with Apple doesn't seem to have hindered the general interest in Samsung's the products.

There are also some newcomers in the top smartphone manufacturers for 2011, the most worthy of a mention being Huawei and ZTE, both from China, nominated this year as the "rising stars" of the industry. Huawei is predicted to have a rise of 400 per cent in sales.

So, if we add the numbers of the top five smartphone producers (including RIM and HTC), we get a figure of 333 million units, which basically means they account for 72 per cent of the total units shipped in 2011.

Paradoxically, the fact that Apple has chosen to release the next generation iPhone a little later than usual, seems to have boosted shipments even more.

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