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Microsoft Bans DigiNotar Certificates with Latest Windows Update

Windows maker Microsoft yesterday upgraded Windows to permanently deny access to all the rogue DigiNotar digital certificates which were hacked almost a month ago.

While the new update happens to be the second attempt by the company to secure Windows Vista and Windows 7 from the compromised certificates, it is the first one for the relatively much older Windows XP.

With this move by the company, all the compromised DigiNotar secure socket layer certificates have been added to Window’s block list, named Untrusted Certificate Store - a security feature which prohibits Internet Explorer accessing websites with suspicious SSL certificates.

Microsoft also announced that the updates will be automatically detected and installed by all computers with the Windows Automatic Update feature enabled.

"At the explicit request of the Dutch government, Microsoft will delay deployment of this update in the Netherlands for one week to give the government time to replace certificates," Dave Forstrom, a director in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing group stated in a blog post.

"Dutch customers who wish to install the update can do so by manually visiting Windows Update or following the instructions available at once the security update is released worldwide," he added.