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Microsoft Defends Use of "Ribbon" Mechanism in Upcoming Windows 8 OS

Microsoft Corp.’s Windows division president Steven Sinofsky came forward on Friday to defend the company’s decision to incorporate the “ribbon” mechanism in their forthcoming operating system platform Windows 8.

He explained that despite hearing a lot of objections and disappointment from various corners, the company went ahead with the “ribbon” as it was, in their opinion, capable of providing far more user satisfaction in comparison to other available options.

The Windows maker first confirmed the integration of “ribbon” in Windows 8 in late August. According to the company, the feature will eventually prove to be quite helpful for users when it comes to functionalities like copy, paste, rename, properties and delete.

"We chose the ribbon mechanism, and to those that find that a flawed choice, there isn't much we can do other than disagree," the chairman of the Windows division explained in a blog post.

"While there are a lot of opinions, the one thing we know is that the satisfaction with our products that use the ribbon is much higher and the usage much broader and deeper," he added.