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Microsoft Strives to Make Improvements to Display Ad Service

Microsoft has announced new tools and partnerships for its Internet display advertising business as Google and Facebook ramp-up competition.

The company has partnered with AppNexus Inc. and MediaMath to offer new advertising tools that allow advertisers to tailor ads and effectively measure the impact of the ads on consumers.

Microsoft has been struggling in both display and search ad business. As the company shifted its focus on search ads for Bing, consumers look to Google and Facebook for publishing display ads.

The Windows maker reassured customers who have already invested a lot with the company such as Publicis Groupe, that it was committed to its display advertising business. The company also announced that it was adding more staff and funds to its Atlas display advertisement service.

“We’re investing more, and more intelligently, in display now,’’ said Microsoft’s general manager for ad tools, Dennis Buchheim.

“There has been this mumbling out there of ‘are we investing in display?,’ and absolutely that is a major investment area for us,’’ he added.

Marketeers have made many suggestions to Microsoft on how to improve ad services.