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More Pointers To Sprint Carrying Apple iPhone 5

Apple is rumoured to be extending its network of carrier partners for the distribution of their soon to be released iPhone 5. There are significant indications that the company of choice is Sprint, even though there has been no official confirmation on their behalf; there seems to be instructions that employees should not make any comment on the matter.

Following the trend of other major telecom firms in past years, Sprint has announced a significant increase in the termination fee for smartphone contracts, from $200 to $350, to ensure their sales plans are not negatively influenced by those who tend to easily terminate their contracts. The change will come into effect this month, some suspect, as a precursor to the arrival of Apple's iPhone on the network.

Previous similar measures were taken by both AT&T and Verizon, followed by Google and T-Mobile. Thus, AT&T increased the termination fee for Apple's iPhone from $175 to $325, while Verizon also raised this fee to a similar level of $350. Google and T-Mobile brought attention upon themselves from the US Federal Communications Commission by increasing their cacellation fee to a staggering $550.

Other clues that Sprint could be the next company to carry the new iPhone 5 include: a job posting for a "carrier engineer" based in Kansas City (where Sprint has headquarters) by Apple in May, as well as Sprint announcing an upcoming event on October 7th focusing on a "Strategy Update". Moreover, the Wall Street Journal has tipped Sprint as a sure iPhone 5 carrier along with AT&T and Verizon.

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