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Nintendo to Enhance 3DS Handheld Console

Rumor has it that Nintendo plans to add a second analogue stick to its 3DS handheld console. This is exciting news for avid gamers and other fans of Nintendo.

According to an article on Cnet, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu posted photos of the add-on, which is being called the ‘Slide Pad’.

The pad has been designed so the 3DS slides into it. However, the design looks a bit pre-historic and makes the glass-free 3D gaming device look bulky. Apart from the second analogue stick, the pad also has two additional shoulder buttons.

These enhancements supposedly allows gamers to play first-person shooter games on the console easily.

There are additional reports that claim the enhancements might come in a bundle with the soon-to-be-launched Monster Hunter 3G - to be sold as an expanded version of the popular Monster Hunter 3, available for the Nintendo Wii console.

Nintendo may announce the redesigned version of the 3DS sometime next week. The company is expected to make an announcement during a press event at the upcoming Tokyo Game show.