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Noon News: Sprint Opposes AT&T and T-Mobile Deal, Social Networking & UK Offices, Google Maps 'Closed' Spam

US wireless carrier Sprint has filed a lawsuit in order to get AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile blocked. The company, just like the US Department of Justice, claims that the acquisition will lead to high prices for US customers and create a monopoly comprising of both AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

A majority of the CIOs in the UK don’t have any knowledge about the applications that exist within their company’s portfolio and how they are aligned with the business processes that are in place, it has been revealed. According to a study conducted by global IT services provider Fujitsu, more than half of the CIOs questioned revealed that more than half of the CIOs had no idea about the applications and how they were aligned to their business.

One in three of UK offices are either blocking or discouraging the use of social networking sites by employees during office hours, a new report claims. The disclosure was made by the security firm Clearswift, and according to its report near about 29 percent of the employees surveyed had claimed that their offices were strictly against the usage of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

A new shocking discovery has shed light into the fact how immensely easy it is for rogue elements to cause widespread damage to small businesses using nothing else but Google’s online mapping service. The matter has come into the daylight following the discovery of multiple instances when numerous small businesses all across the country were labelled as “This location is permanently closed" on Google Maps even when they were functioning healthy and dandy.

PlayStation maker and hackers’ hot-favourite target Sony Corp. has taken a new initiative to beef up the security of its cyber infrastructure. The company announced on Tuesday that it has hired an ex-Homeland Security official as a part of this move. Apparently Sony could not think of any one better than Philip Reitinger for this new position. Having proved his efficiency and reliability in the Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Reitinger will be joining the company as its new senior vice president and chief information security officer.

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