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Nvidia to Soon Release New Quad Core Processor

Nvidia’s ambition to become the top chip provider for sophisticated smartphone and tablet devices is no longer a secret as the company continues to project itself as fastest growing company in the marketplace - and faster than any competitors.

Through increased boasting, and bragging, the chief executive officer of Nvidia has revealed that tablet devices powered by his company’s state of the art quad core processors are likely to hit markets all around the world toward the end of this year.

Nvidia President and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang said in an interview with Forbes that those tech savvy people looking forward to the Android tablets featuring Nvidia quad core processor won’t have to wait much longer.

If the claims made by the CEO are true, it is almost certain that the company will take a gigantic leap over key rivals in the chip industry such as Qualcomm, who is expected to come up with its own product to compete with Nvidia’s quad core at the end of the year. This is one competition worth watching to see who truly becomes the top chip provider in the world.