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One Third UK Corporate Houses Blocking Social Media like Facebook, Twitter

One in three of UK offices are either blocking or discouraging the use of social networking sites by employees during office hours, a new report claims.

The disclosure was made by the security firm Clearswift, and according to its report near about 29 percent of the employees surveyed had claimed that their offices were strictly against the usage of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The report by Clearswift also claims that only 50 percent of managers in the country had trust in their employees when it came to the usage of social media.

Clearswift also said that the number of offices with strict policies against social networking sites in Germany and Australia were considerably larger than those in any other country.

“It’s clear that we have seen some significant changes in attitude to social media in the last twelve months,” said Andrew Wyatt, chief operating officer at Clearswift.

“Social networking sites often have little to do with data-loss incidents, but they have become guilty by association, because they are seen as having an impact on a company’s brand,” he added.