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Sony Pens Licensing Agreement With Imagination Technologies

Sony has announced that it will license Power VR graphics IP technologies from British-based Imagination Technologies, more specifically the SGX Series5XT graphics series, currently the top of the range iteration from ImgTec.

Sony says that it will deploy the technology in system on chips targetting consumer markets but did not provide any more information as to when the roll out will begin.

Imagination Technologies will receive licence fees and royalty revenues based on the number of semiconductor parts shipped with ImgTec IP.

It is not known whether the agreement will be extended to PowerVR's next generation graphics solution, codenamed Rogue, which will be used in ST-Ericsson's next generation Cortex-A15 based SoCs.

Obviously, it opens the door to speculation about how Sony will use the technology and whether the Japanese tech giant will follow in the tracks of Samsung & Apple and release its own SoCs.

It's worth remembering that the PS Vita, Sony's next generation portable gaming console, comes with a four core PowerVR SGX543MP4+ graphics solution, which is part of the Series 5XT Family.