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Toshiba 55ZL2 Glasses-Free 3D TV Disappoints At IFA 2011

Japanese Tech giant Toshiba demoed its brand new large screen television, a 55-inch behemoth called the 55ZL2 at IFA 2011; the unique selling point of the TV was its ability to display content in 3D without the need of glasses.

Sadly, as Wendy Sheehan Donnell from PC Magazine puts it, the experience is just not that great, given the fact that the product will carry a significant premium over traditional 3D television sets.

having said that, the 55ZL2 appears to be a marvellous piece of technology; it has four times the resolution of current full HD screens at 3840x2160 pixels, that's nearly 8.3 million pixels.

These pixels evenly target either the right or the left eye separately and Toshiba claims that up to nine viewers will be able to watch 3D without glasses.

The TV even includes a face-tracking camera which is used by the device to ensure that the 3D feature - which uses lenticular lenses - is properly tuned.

Early demoes at IFA 2011 apparently left spectators underwhelmed, with PC Mag's reporter saying that sets with passive glasses provided "a much richer experience". Which doesn't bode very well for Toshiba and its glassless flagship model.