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Twitter Prank Causes Panic in Veracruz, Mexico

A pair of Twitter users who exhibited their poor sense of humor by making prank posts on the social media site may find themselves in some really serious trouble - up to 30 years of imprisonment!

It all started when the duo, residents of the eastern state of Veracruz, Mexico started sending false information about attacks being carried out by drug dealers in schools. They took it a step further by claiming that children were being held hostage and kidnapped.

"I can confirm this, at the Jorge Arroyo school in the Carranza district, five children have been taken away by an armed group. Total psychosis in the area," Martinez Vera, one of the culprits allegedly tweeted, according (opens in new tab) to a BBC UK report.

During the same time, the second person accused, Bravo Pagola, allegedly tweeted about a helicopter opening fire at a school while the children were on recess.

According to authorities, none of those tweets were true, and they were just bad pranks played by the middle-aged culprits. The prank resulted in widespread panic amongst the residents in the region, however.

Both Pagola and Vera have been charged with terrorism, and could face up to 30 years in prison.