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Yahoo! axes Carol Bartz!

Internet wannabe Yahoo! has sacked its CEO Carol Bartz in a manner reminiscent of a public flogging.

Bartz emailed staff at the company to say she'd been 'fired over the phone'. The email was lead to the All Things D technology blog. It read:

To all,

By all accounts, Bartz has failed to live up to promises to turn the struggling juggernaut around. In all things web-wise where once it was a contender in search and in email provision, for example, Yahoo has been trounced by Google.

As Google spread it tentacles into all corners it thought might help it flog a bit more ad space, Yahoo! watched from the sidelines, not seeming to know where the money was at. Bartz like a handful of Yahoo CEOs before her had no vision.

She won't be missed. One former Yahoo VP twitterered on her ousting "Ding, dong the witch is dead."