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£61 64GB Samsung 470 Series 2.5" Solid State Drive

Are you fed up with your old HDD and are want to spend more time doing and less time waiting? Well then here is something that might just interest you. The Samsung Solid State Drive with 64GB storage space accesses data a lot faster than standard hard drives.

SSDs are known to be super-fast and if the SSD is used specifically used for operating system installation the computer would boot up in very less time or launch the programs pretty fast. The data will be available much quicker and overall response time is significantly improved. The drive is known for industry-leading performance of up to 250MB/sec sequential read speed and 220MB/sec sequential write speed which leads to computers booting up in as little as 15 seconds and programs opening up in seconds.

It is not just the performance; the Samsung’s Solid State Drive design has a look to match its performance. No matter how your usage is, the brushed metal hard shell case protects from shock, dust and corrosion. Due to absence of moving parts inside the drive, there is a greater reliability to protect data. The lighter weight makes it easier to carry and can fit right into your laptop bag.

The 64GB Samsung 470 Series 2.5" Solid State Drive is available from CCLOnline for £61.