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Adobe Brings Streaming Media Solutions to Mobile Phones, iPads & iPhones

This week’s International Broadcasters Convention (IBC), held in Amsterdam witnessed multimedia solution provider Adobe launching its new set of tools, aimed at providing streaming broadcast to a wide range of mobile devices including the likes of the massively popular Apple iPhone and iPad.

With this new offering, Adobe has ensured that even those devices without the compatibility with its Adobe Flash Player, will be able to play video broadcast by Adobe Flash Media Server (AFMS). Adobe upgraded the AFMS to its 4.5 version today.

But, that was not all that came from the company during the conference- Adobe also came up with a wide range other sophisticated offerings such as Flash Access 3.0, Adobe Pass and Open Source Media Framework (OSMF).

"Flash Media Server 4.5 is really about delivering broadcast-quality content. The biggest impact to consumers is that they can get premium content online, pay once and they don’t have to think about where they're going to watch," Ashley Still, Adobe director of product management said in an exclusive statement to the PC Mag.

She added by saying that the new offering will benefit broadcasters as well, as it won’t come in the way of its existing revenue sources.