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AMD Chief Technology Officer Comments on Competition in the Technology Marketplace

Charles Moore, chief technology officer for Advanced Micro Devices Inc., more commonly known as AMD, has claimed the threat involving ARM Holdings PLC architecture on the traditional x86 industry is “a bit overstated."

The CTO failed to point out that there are still more than enough opportunities left in the marketplace for the growth of both platforms.

The California-based company has been engaged in a long running battle with its market-share opponent Intel Corp. However, it is the opinion of many that both companies are falling victim to a slow down in the PC market and the emergence of the smartphone and tablet markets which have not embraced their chips yet.

"It's just a question of which markets are more appropriate for the designs at hand. I see room for both," Moore reportedly said as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

"ARM powers an enormous number of devices out there, and it's going to be a big part of semiconductor future. AMD is committed to being part of that semiconductor future,” he added.