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Apple seeks Samsung ban and damages in Japan

Fresh from its successes in Europe, Apple has filed suit against its one-time ally and now bitter rival Samsung in Japan claiming patent violations and seeking a whopping £811,000 in damages.

For those of you who have read our earlier coverage of the pair's ongoing legal spats, the claims will ring a bell: Apple accuses Samsung of violating patents held for technologies and designs relating to the iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet.

Samsung's Galaxy range of products - which includes the allegedly iPhone-like Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones, and the somewhat iPad-esque Galaxy Tab series of Android-powered tablets - are a thorn in Apple's side, and it's taking to the courts across the world to get them removed from sale.

Earlier attempts have seen products banned - then unbanned - in Europe, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands, and it seems that Apple now has its legal beagles firmly trained on the land of the rising sun.

According to local news agency Kyodo, Apple is seeking a ban on the sale of the Galaxy series of smartphones within Japan in addition to ¥100 million in damages - or around £811,241.

Unlike the earlier hearing in Düsseldorf, which Samsung claimed it was unaware of and therefore did not attend to contest Apple's claims, Samsung was present at the first hearing in the Tokoyo District Court yesterday, and has vowed to fight Apple tooth and nail to keep its products on shop shelves throughout Japan.