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Debate Over Apple iPhone and iPad Platforms to Take Place at Upcoming iOS DEV UK Conference

The latest developments in applications for the Apple iPhone and iPad platforms are up for debate at a conference to be held at the Aberystwyth University this week.

The iOS DEV UK conference, scheduled to take place over three days is likely to be attended by over 170 delegates from all over the world. One of the core discussion topics will be on the role and effect of applications in today’s world, as well as the contribution from developers within the country to this ever expanding industry.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite applications.

“When Apple launched their iPhone App Store in 1998, they started a revolution in mobile phones,” said Professor Chris Price, iOS DEV organiser and developer of apps for Welsh learners, in an exclusive interview (opens in new tab) with BBC News.

“Before that date very few people expected their phone to be able to do anything except make phone calls, send texts or maybe surf the web,” he added.

Key delegates include Jeremy Davies, head of smartphone applications development at NXP Software and Dave Wiskus, chief creative officer of US-based developers Black Pixel, according to an eWeek report (opens in new tab).