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French HP Pre 3 Goes On Sale On UK Website For £170

In a rather odd move, HP has decided to sell the French version of the HP Pre 3 in the UK for a rather expensive £170, two and a half times the suggested retail price of £69; the model comes with a French keyboard, the so called AZERTY keyboard (as opposed to the QWERTY one), and its availability is possibly due to the fact that the Pre 3 is not doing so well across the Channel.

HP issued a statement yesterday saying "Palm Eurostore is pleased to announce that we expect to be in a position to offer the HP Pre 3 AZERTY model (FB436AA#ABF) for sale very soon - hopefully before the end of this week. You'll forgive us if we take just a little more time to ensure we are 100% confident we will be in a position to fulfill all expectations in relation to orders placed."

The operating system on the unit can be set to English, German, Spanish or French. The deal can be found in the HP Palm online store.

The next cheapest Pre 3, with a QWERTY keyboard, is still the deal offered by which costs £10.50 per month on a two year contract; the smartphone comes unlocked and includes 100 minutes, 500 texts, Vodafone Passport but unfortunately no data allocation.