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Fujitsu Employees Contemplating Strike

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) has issued a warning stating that if Fujitsu workers go ahead with their proposed strike over the on-going pay dispute, businesses and public sector organisations should take shelter in outsourcing crucial operations to avoid any disrupt in their normal functioning.

Last week, a majority of Fujitsu workers voted in favor of a strike - a decision that could seriously affect many customers such as DVLA, HMRC as well as the Office of National Statistics.

The impending strike is the outcome of a serious and long running dispute between the workers and the company. The workers allege that Fujitsu bosses are exploiting them through less pay and increased workload.

In the wake of this situation, the NOA advised all organisations that they should seriously consider outsourcing their requirements to multiple competent suppliers, instead of relying on just one.

"It seems the current austerity measures may be leading to a period of discontent. Some organisations deploying outsourcing or shared services may be concerned about industrial action within their suppliers," said NOA chairman Martyn Hart, as reported by Channel and Register.