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Google Adds Google Voice to New Google Takeout Data Liberation Service

Google has added Google Voice to its new Google Takeout data liberation service.

Google Takeout allows users to download all the data they have on their Google accounts to their personal computers as a back-up or for when they close their account with Google.

With Google Voice integration in Google Takeout, users will be able to download contacts, call history, voicemail messages, call recordings and greetings to their personal computers for back up.

Google stated in a blog post (opens in new tab) that the voice mails and greetings available for download as MP3, ext. messages as micro-formatted html, and forwarding phone numbers as a vcard.

Google Takeout was launched in June 2010 as a project created by the Data Liberation Front, an army of engineers within Google who wanted to give customers more control over their data. Apart from Google Voice, Google Takeout supports the Picasa photo sharing service and the Google + social networking platform.

“At Google, we believe that our users should be able to export any data that they create in (or import into) one of our many products, and we've created a project called Google Takeout to make this process as easy as possible,” said Google software engineer, Anthony Jawad.