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Google Discloses Policies Concerning Android in Court During On-going Legal Battle with Oracle

The on-going legal battle between Google andOracle has shed light on tactics used by the former to strengthen its Android platform in the global smartphone and tablet market.

Apparently, the on-going dispute has forced the search giant to present some of its internal policies to the court. These disclosed policies show how Google has shared some of the closed source Android code with a select group of partners to make sure they comply to the company's terms and condition.

"If we gave [Android] away, how do we ensure we get benefit from it? [We] create policies that allow us to drive the not develop in the open. Instead, make source code available after innovation is complete," as stated in Google’s court presentation, according to a report (opens in new tab) in The Register.

"Lead device concept: Give early access to the software to partners who build and distribute devices to our specification (i.e., Motorola and Verizon)," it added with the hope that this would make the mentioned company's products sync with Android’s own standards.

Google has not issued any official comment yet on these leaked, secret policies.