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HTC Radar To Cost £350 at Amazon

The HTC Radar has gone on preorder at Amazon for a rather expensive £350 with an expected release date set for the 15th of October 2011.

The smartphone is not that different from the HTC 7 Trophy, a handset that currently retails for around £220 and which, like the HTC Radar, comes with a 1GHz Qualcomm SoC.

There's also a five-megapixel camera with a F/2.2 camera lens, LED flash, 720p HD video recording, a 3.8-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, no microSD slot, 512MB RAM and 8GB onboard storage.

The Radar - which comes with a metallic and white body - also has a front-facing camera, a 1520mAh battery and like the HTC Titan doesn't come with any Sense user interface.

The rest of the features remind us of the Titan: there's Bluetooth, a 1520mAh battery, Wi-Fi, loads of sensors, a "people hub" and much more.

The Titan will face some serious competition with the likes of the HTC Trophy ironically giving it a hard time, given that it costs a third less and will be upgradable to Windows Phone Mango.

No network has listed the HTC Radar on preorder yet, which bodes badly for the success of this mid-level Windows Phone smartphone.