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Man Uses Twitter to RepeatedlyThreaten Google's Marissa Mayer

Police officials have arrested a man who sent more than 21,000 explicit and threatening tweets to Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president for local, maps and location services.

In what has become the latest in Twitter related crimes, 27 year old Gregory Calvin King was arrested by authorities on August 19th for sending threatening tweets to the Google executive.

The man seemed to be angry with Mayer and Google over something unknown and alleged, in a series of tweets, that Mayer was a part of a group that tried to infect him with HIV using a powder.

“YOUR SCARED OF THE F****** LAW. IM SURE YOU THINK IM SERIOUS AND I'LL F****** SHOOT YOU,” wrote King in one of the tweets.

“I THINK IT WOULD BE VERY F****** RESONABLE TO F****** KILL ONE OF YOU,” he wrote in another. Almost all the tweets sent by King were in capital letters.

King, who sent more than 150 tweets to Mayer on the day he was arrested, could face up to 7 years in prison. A spokesperson for the FBI in San Francisco revealed that there was no connected between the Google executive and Twitter lunatic.