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Rumors of Samsung's Interest in Acquiring Intel's MeeGo Platform Continue to Cause Speculation

Rumors of Samsung's interest in acquiring Intel’s mobile operating system platform MeeGo have been flooding the marketplace . Now, a new, unconfirmed report, has surfaced to embolden these rumors even more.

According to a new Mobiledia report (opens in new tab), Samsung is seriously considering whether or not to go ahead with the purchase of the now-almost-defunct smartphone OS from Intel. The report, as claimed by Mobiledia, is primarily based on “industry sources."

The report states that despite reportedly claiming it will continue to support the not-so-successful MeeGo platform, there is a pretty good chance that Intel won’t spend more resources on the development of the OS unless some third-party acquires it, or uses it in their mobile devices.

“Tech industry insiders, while saying Samsung is interested in MeeGo, at the same time question just why the South Korean smartphone maker would be interested in the OS,” according to the Mobiledia report (opens in new tab).

"However, with Samsung's new emphasis on acquisitions, it may be considering MeeGo to help boost its software. It could integrate MeeGo into Bada or even just use the OS for future tablet or smartphone offerings,” as stated in the report.