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SFPD Starts Internal Investigation in iPhone 5 Prototype Search

The San Francisco Police Department has launched an internal probe into the role played by SFPD officers in the search of Apple’s missing iPhone 5 prototype.

According to CNET, Lt. Troy Dangerfield, of the San Francisco Police Department confirmed that the department was investigating how two of its police officers carried out search of a man’s office in Bernal Heights in San Francisco, along with Apple’s private security force.

CNET had earlier reported that two SFPD officials along with Apple employees had carried out a search of Sergio Calderon’s home in connection to an iPhone 5 prototype which went from a tequila bar in San Francisco.

Apple had lodged a complaint with SFPD, claiming that it had tracked the device to a home in Bernal Heights.

Meanwhile, Caldron told SF Weekly that he was forced to allow the officers to search his home after they threatened to investigate whether his family members were living in the United States legally or not. And, if he wouldn't allow for the search to take place, they would return with a search warrant. He also said that he was under the impression that all of them were SFPD officers.