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UK Running Out of Available Phone Numbers

The UK is running out of telephone numbers. Soon users will be required to dial the full area code along with the actual number even when making a call to their next door neighbour.

According to the UK media regulator,Ofcom, the nationwide telephone numbers are soon to be exhausted. The residents of Bournemouth being the first victims in this crisis.

The regulator also said it won’t take long before they will be required to start dialing the whole number including the area code (For Bournemouth, its 01202) to make a phone call. Ofcom said that it could happen as early as next summer.

This crisis will soon spread to one city after another - gradually the whole country will succumb to it.

"The number of communications providers has increased significantly over the last six years, leading to more competition and cheaper land line bills for millions of homes and businesses," Ofcom said, as reported by Sky News.

"But it has also led to increased pressure on the supply of phone numbers as well as some communications providers holding a significant quantity of unused numbers," the regulator added.