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Facebook pillages French

Facebook, considering itself the owner of all things ending in '-book', has wrested control of a French porn site masquerading under the title

It is not entirely clear how Facebook managed it, but web site Fusible (opens in new tab) noticed that the Whois information (opens in new tab) of the domain name was transferred to Facebook just a few days ago.

The information shows the site was first registered back in back in 2001. It claims 1.5 million registered users who can use webcams, chat or, er, face-to-face meetings to get it on.

While we haven't heard that Facebook sent in the lawyers on the dubious grounds that users might mistake one book-ended site for another, we suspect money changed hands and the erstwhile owners are gearing up for the great .xxx fiasco.

Or maybe Facebook paid top florin for the site because it has plans for it. We sorta hope so. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.