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Google to Introduce New Programming Language at Upcoming Goto Conference

A few days after Google registered a range of domain names involving a mysterious “Dart," it has been revealed that "Dart" is actually new programming language for “structured web programming."

According to reports, a pair of Google developers are going to unveil the new language during the keynote speech at the forthcoming Goto conference to be held on October 10.

"The whole world will be on alert when Google presents a new programming language "Dart" in the opening keynote speak on conference Monday," the excited organisers of the GOTO revealed, according to this iProgrammer report.

Rumored to deliver the new package are Lars Bak and Glad Bracha, two Google developers. While Bak is known for his achievements in the field of object oriented VMs and V8 Java engine, Bracha has earned quite a reputation in the IT field for his creation of Newspeak language.

Experts are of the opinion that its a high-risk step by the company, especially when there is a large number of quality web oriented programming languages already on the market.