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Hitachi Data Systems Acquires BlueArc

Hitachi Data Systems has moved to acquire network storage services provider BlueArc in an effort to drive up its big data portfolio.

BlueArc, which has been a Hitachi OEM partner, provides network attached storage (NAS) devices catering to various industries like health and life sciences, media and entertainment, telecommunications, energy and e-discovery.

Hitachi plans to integrate BlueArc’s offering with its solutions to give customers access to state-of-the-art storage solutions to manage and analyse big data.

"The exponential growth of digital content, particularly unstructured content, has had a dramatic effect on all businesses, including the requirements on IT," said Jack Domme, CEO, Hitachi Data Systems.

"Over the past 5 years, BlueArc has been an integral part of our strategy to help customers store and manage unstructured data of all types, such as video, email, medical imaging, scientific data and more,” he added.

BlueArc was on the verge of filing for an IPO when it was picked up by Hitachi. The details of the acquisition were not disclosed, but WSJ reveals that Hitachi paid as much as $600 million for Blue Arc.