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HP TouchPad Back In Stock At PC World With Charger & Case At £189.05

PC World has managed to get hold of some more Touchpad tablets, although the tablet is no longer available for the £89 that it dropped to a few weeks ago when its price was slashed from £399.

At £189.05 (after inserting the voucher code TABLET5) including home delivery, the 16GB TouchPad comes both with a TouchPad wireless charging dock (like the TouchStone for the Pre) and a TouchPad case; the former costs £50 while the latter carries a SRP of £40 at PC World.

So in effect, you are buying the Touchpad for £99 and then paying £90 for accessories; the 32GB model costs £236.55 which is still cheaper than what you'd've paid on Ebay just a few days ago (assuming you found enough genuine stock around).

HP exiting the mobile market, stopping development and marketing of the WebOS platform, meant that hundreds of thousands of TouchPads and Palm Pre 3 smartphones were put on life-support and have had their prices slashed by as much as 80 per cent.

This caused demand for the TouchPad to surge overnight and caused a lot of disappointment for people who tried to get hold of the device but failed miserably. You can check the whole story of the (ongoing) TouchPad saga and keep track of the latest updates on this thread.

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