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Microsoft Cloud Services Suffer Outage, Coming Back Online

Microsoft Office 365 cloud services users were plagued by yet another outage yesterday - however, the company was not alone this time, as SkyDrive and Hot News were also reportedly suffering from the same Domain Name System flaw as the Windows maker.

The European users of Redmond’s Office 365 cloud services however were spared to some extent as the outage started in the continent during the midnight when most businesses were closed.

But, the users in the Asia Pacific region and North America were not as lucky as their European counterparts as the glitch started ruining everyone’s day right in the middle of office time.

"Preliminary root cause suggests a DNS issue, though we're still working hard to restore." the Windows maker wrote in its official Tweeter feed, The Register reports.

The service recovered and resumed after a few hours and the company thanked all its customers for the patience. This happens to be the second major outage since the launch of Office 365 in June.

Meanwhile, the firm issued a statement saying, "We are working on propagating the DNS configuration changes and so it will take some time to restore service to everyone. Again we appreciate your patience".