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Missed the £89 HP TouchPad? Five Other Alternative Tablets (inc. the iPad 2) To Consider

Now that the dust has settled from the commotion caused two weeks ago by HP's sudden and stupefying decision to cut the price of the HP Touchpad by 80 per cent, it is time to look at potential alternatives for what increasingly looks like a one-off fire sale that only happens every couple of years or so (ed: the last one we remember is the Joggler, an Atom-based tablet from O2 that went on sale for £49 in March 2010).

The best tablet so far (bar the HP TouchPad) is the Hannspree Hannspad, a tablet that's truly unexceptional except for the pricing. It costs only £155 including delivery; true, that's nearly twice the price of the TouchPad, but on the other hand, that's less than half the price of the Motorola XOOM. You can find out more in this article.

If you're not that fussy about the screen, check the Arnova 7C G2. It has a small screen (7-inch), a low resolution (800x480 pixels) and the display is resistive. But, it is cheap at £145 and, more importantly, can make phone calls (via Skype or Fring), has GPS and comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is possibly the best Android tablet out there simply because of its capability to transform (hence the name) into a laptop, thanks to an optional keyboard docking station that doubles the battery life and adds a few nifty other features as well. At £329, the Eee Pad Transformer is still a great deal.

Last but certainly not least, the Apple iPad 2 deserves a worthy mention. The iOS-based tablet is expensive but not that pricey compared to the competition out there, at £389 (use the code TDX-KLH4 at Tesco to get £10 off) for the 16GB model with Wi-Fi only. That's still nearly five times the price of the TouchPad though, which is not much consolation to those who missed out.

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