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Platfora, Hadoop Based Data Management Provider Raises $5.7M

It’s been only a few months since the launch of Platfora, a Hadoop based data management software, and it has already managed to pocket a hefty amount worth $5.7 million from Andeerssen-Horowitz, the company announced on a proud note.

Hadoop, which is basically an open source data management software framework, has been already embraced by quite a few companies for its capacity to store an enormous amount of data and the easy indexing feature.

The software can play an important role in financial services companies too when it comes to operations like tracking previous prices and transactions.

The Platfora platform is aimed at adding an improved and easy-to-use user interface to access all the stored data for processing those for day-to-day usage.

“GoodData (and other big data companies) have a very cool system, but they are focused on a different scale of data,” Platfora chief executive Ben Werther said in an exclusive statement to Venture Beat.

“We’re focused on the particular challenges that emerge when you have terabytes, petabytes and beyond and need to get work done for the business rather than doing science projects,” he added.