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Twitter boss: 'We're not worried who you are'

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo thinks Google is barking up the wrong tree with its 'real-name' policy.

“We are wedded to letting people use the service as they see fit,” Costolo told reporters in San Francisco yesterday. “Other services may be declaring that you have to use your real name because they think they will be able to monetize that better and think they will be able to get more information about you that will help them monetize better."

Costolo reckoned Google+ would no doubt "pull in massive number of users," because "they are bundling it with their dominant search platforms, one of the top two mobile platforms and YouTube and Gmail and on and on," he said.

But he didn't see it as a threat to his own business. The short-message service now reckons it has 100 million active users a month and Costolo outlined where he thought the firm can increase revenues from such an audience. First of all, having amassed so many users it doesn't want to lose them.

“We are more interested in serving our users first, and we think by serving that by serving our users first, we will have a better platform for marketers and advertisers,” he spun.

"I think where we are different is we are thinking about Twitter in terms of how can we simplify the product even further, what can we take out. I think these other platforms will try to add services and we will try to simplify ours down.”