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UK Mobile Phone Service Provider Afraid New Joint Venture will Harm Business

Mobile phone operator Three has filed a complaint with the European Union against its UK rivals over NFC payments.

Three has said that rivals Vodafone, Telefonica and Everything Everywhere have set up a mobile commerce joint venture but have excluded Three. This could have a severe impact on its business in the long-run.

Three is the smallest mobile phone carrier in the UK with a market share between 9-10 percent while its rivals command a share of 90 percent in total.

We are asking the Commission to take a clear view of what is at stake for consumers and the dangerous precedent this move could set across Europe for the incumbents to freeze out challengers," said general counsel and regulatory affairs director for Three UK, Stephen Lerner, general counsel and regulatory affairs director for Three UK, as reported (opens in new tab) by Reuters.

"Instead of competing for the benefit of consumers, the three operators that hold 90 percent of the UK market have engaged in a cosy collaboration and closed ranks against competition," Lerner said.

The company wants the EU to intervene and order its rivals to include Three in the mobile commerce venture or shut it down altogether.