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UK's Cheapest Full HD 3D TV Now Available From £400

Best Buy is selling what is arguably the cheapest full HD 3D TV on the market and a notch above the LG 42PW450T that we covered back in July 2011.

At £399.99, the Isis ISI-42-913-TVB3D is a Best Buy own brand model - similar to Argos' Alba or Tesco's Technika - and is £50 cheaper than a similar set from Cello Electronics.

The TV set comes with full HD resolution, two HDMI ports, a composite video input, a PC input, a Freeview tuner and is wall mounted.

Also included in the pack are four sets of 3D glasses, a clear indication that the TV uses passive technology. There are however a few reservations; the first one is that it doesn't seem to have any 2D-to-3D convertor like the LG 42PW450T, then there's no USB port which means that there's probably no way to record to a USB storage device like the Cello. We're also slightly puzzled by the fact that there's only two HDMI ports where four would only have added a few pounds to the bill of material.

Given how fast the price of 3D technology has fallen, it is certainly not surprising to see that this feature has now been included in entry level television sets.

The downside of it is that 3D still requires active technology, rather than passive in order to be fully appreciated. Ultimately, glasses-less 3D TV is where the business will be heading although at the moment, it is neither fully ready not cheap enough to be embraced by a mainstream audience.