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New Motorola EX225 Smartphone Includes Facebook Button

Motorola, which might soon be acquired by Google, is planning to launch its own Facebook branded phone.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has provided information about the Motorola EX225 on their website. The new phone comes with a small Facebook button at the bottom, just like the one on HTC Status, as reportedby Cnet.

Bluetooth SIG revealed that the device will feature a 2.4 inch touchscreen display, 3MP camera and a Qwerty keyboard. Hardware and software specifications of the device remain unknown. It is not clear whether the device will run on Android or not. Perhaps Motorola has brewed its own operating system to add to the mix.

Meanwhile, the website published images of the same device, but without a dedicated Facebook button. This one is expected to come with a dual SIM slot. The device will no doubt cater to markets in developing nations and priced pretty low.

Judging by its appearance, pundits expect it to be rolled out during Christmas. Motorola is about to be acquired by Google for a whopping $12.5 billion if regulators give the deal their approval.