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Virgin Media Creates TV Guide Browser App for iPad

Virgin Media has unveiled a TiVo companion app for Apple’s iPad tablet PC device which will let people control set-top boxes from the tablet.

The app is designed to turn the tablet into a remote control so users can browse the TV guide looking for programs and on-demand content without interrupting programming already in progress.

The Virgin Media TiVo app will be launched in the coming months, around the same time TiVo gets its first major software upgrade. This will allow for additional features including support for the iPad tablet.

Virgin Media remained mum about what the new features will be, but consumers can expect to gain the ability to watch live TV programs using the TiVo app on iPad.

“The companion app and other forthcoming enhancements ... form part of our long-term strategy to deliver the most dynamic and user-friendly multi-screen entertainment experience in the UK," said Executive Director of Digital Entertainment at Virgin Media, Cindy Rose.

The announcement comes as Virgin Media rival Sky launched the Sky Go app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC, Mac and laptop, to allow subscribers to watch television on the move.